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Kansas gubernatorial candidates on K-12 school funding: Republican Jim Barnett

Last week, University of Kansas Political Science Professor Patrick Miller floated the following idea on Twitter:

I’d love to see a KS newspaper offer all governor candidates space for a 500 word essay on their ideal policy solution to our school funding crisis. What legislation would you sign? Caveats: No empty platitudes. No self-promotion. No Brownback dissing. Just your policy vision.

We said, you know what, Patrick Miller? That’s a really great idea!

So we extended an invitation to the many, many candidates running for governor to share their plans for addressing Kansas’s K-12 funding situation. We asked them to “lay out specific ideas” and to keep it to 600 words.

And today we’re going to begin running the responses we’ve received. Look for more on Thursday and Friday.

We’ll start wi...

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Concrete road in Shawnee is too new to be salted this winter

(A Google Maps view of the area.)


A sign in western Shawnee is telling drivers everything they need to know about a new street that hasn’t cured enough to be salted this winter.

“You don’t put salt on new concrete,” said Caitlin Gard, Assistant Public Works Director

Clear Creek Parkway is the only concrete street in Shawnee.

Although you can drive on the road, the city wants people to know that they won’t see any salt trucks in snowy weather.

“For snow removal, we are using sand this year,” Gard said. “There’s not a lot of residences out there yet.”

It will take six to 12 months for the concrete to cure.

The sand is safe to drive on, but the city said there are alternate routes to take crossing K-7 Highway.

You can take Clare Road out to W...

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Man dies in accident in Shawnee County

MGN Online

SHAWNEE, Kan. (AP) –

Kansas Highway troopers are reporting a 73-year-old man died after flipping his vehicle in Shawnee County. The accident happened just before 1 a.m. on U-75, five miles north of 57th street.

Troopers report the driver, Harold Poertner, was headed north when his truck went off the road and hit a ditch. Poertner was able to get back on the highway, but over-corrected striking a median and then rolled his truck several times. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

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