The Shawnee, Kansas Aquatic Centers Are Incredibly Fun For Kids

Finding fun things for kids to do where they can be outdoors being physically active is getting harder and harder. Most kids prefer to stay indoors playing video games or browsing the Internet. Shawnee, Kansas has come up with the perfect solution to this problem. They have two incredible aquatic centers where kids can splash and play during the summer months, providing hours of entertainment.

Splash Cove, which is located at the Jim Allen Aquatic Center, and the Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center both are incredible aquatic facilities that feature fun and interesting activities for kids to do. For instance, Splash Cove has a wave pool, a water slide, an interactive playground, and a pool where kids can learn to swim.

The Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center has even more great amenities, featuring a competition swimming pool, diving boards, two water slides, and a lazy river that kids can float around in inner tubes. With so many activities available, there are countless things for kids to do, helping to keep them from getting bored.

Both of these facilities also are available for birthday parties. What could be more fun for a kid than getting together with a bunch of friends at one of these aquatic centers on their birthday?

One of the best parts about both of these facilities is that they encourage kids to be active. Swimming is incredible exercise, working just about every muscle in the body. Not only does it build muscular strength but it also helps build cardiovascular strength, keeping kids healthy and strong. As long as they wear waterproof sunscreen, going to one of these aquatic centers can be a healthy activity that is a ton of fun.

The aquatic centers are usually open from the end of May until August. You can check online to see what days and hours they are open so that you can plan your visit accordingly. They even have evening hours some days, making it possible to drop in after work.

The aquatic centers are one of the most fun and exciting features that Shawnee, Kansas has to offer. Kids of all ages will enjoy these incredible places to play. There is no better way to pass a hot summer day than by splashing in the water with friends. From casual swimming to exciting waterslide rides, these aquatic centers offer a little bit of everything, making it possible to keep kids happy and entertained for hours.