Top Sightseeing Activities In Shawnee Kansas

When visiting Kansas it is important to have some rainy day and outdoor (nice weather) activities planned. Even better than that, be sure to known when you plan on going where so that you can be efficient traveling from one point to the next. In such a vast state, there is a lot to do.

In particular, if you are going to Shawnee Kansas be sure to carve out time for these top sightseeing activities. It is part of the Kansas City area, so if all plans go wrong, you could always make stops there for great food, professional sports, live music, and anything else your heart desires.

Shawnee Through Time
Shawnee has an interesting habit of building something and leaving it in the past, but taking great care of it for posterity. Or, at least Shawnee is great at making it look that way.

The top sightseeing activities include the 1950’s all electric house and, Shawnee Town 1929. Both are impeccably kept and honor their respective time periods as a part of the Shawnee Kansas heritage in time.

For the kids, there are many activities, including the KC Indoor Skate Park and the Wonderscope Children’s Museum, which is in Kansas City. They are all worth the time to go see. The children’s museum is great for kids to explore, as they have some hands-on exhibits that let them do what they do best.

It’s of course an excellent option as a backup when the skies get cloudy and it is raining or snowing outside. Always keep the schedule in mind, and have the map to get their in your head, and you will look like a hero to your family no matter the weather.

For those whose heart is in doing activities, the indoor skate park might be more your family’s speed. Even better, you could consider combining both experiences in one day to let some of your kids’ pent up energy come loose.

It’s also a great way to spend the time with older kids as well. They may not want to linger with mom and dad, but at least they will be out doing something where you know where they are and can keep an eye on them.

Those are the best options when you are heading out to Shawnee. Challenge yourself by finding the best place for your family to eat that will please everyone.